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      Download: Police Final.pdf
      Download: Corrections Final.pdf
      Download: Judicial Officer and Bailiffs Final.pdf
      ATTENTION Your FOP Corrections Contract Team, led by President Zona, is meeting with the COJ regarding your future contract and pension benefits.  A new wage proposal was presented to the COJ for consideration. You can keep up with the negotiation process via our FOP FaceBook page. Your FOP representatives appreciate your conitunued support during this process.
      Download: Corrections Pay Proposal 2-6-17.pdf
      ATTENTION Your FOP Contract Team, led by President Zona has provided the following offer regarding future contract language to the COJ at negotiations today. If you were unable to attend the session today, the FOP's FaceBook page will have a link to a recording of the session. Please stay informed !! Attached you will find a copy of the proposed language.
      Download: Police Proposal 02.06.17.pdf
      ATTENTION Attached you will find a copy of the latest Pension Proposal presented to the COJ representatives today by your FOP Contract Negotiation Team led by President Zona.
      Download: Corrections Proposal 01-25-17.pdf
      Attention The attached document addresses the upcoming implementation of Body Worn Cameras.
      Download: Body Worn Cameras.pdf
      ATTENTION Attached you will find a copy of the latest Pension Proposal presented to the COJ representatives today by your FOP Contract Negotiation Team led by President Zona.
      Download: Police 01-25-17.pdf
      NEW CONTRACT OFFER As you all know your FOP contract committee, led by President Zona, met with representatives from the City of Jacksonville on January 11, 2017.  A proposal was made by the COJ regarding pay and benefits for current employees.  Additionally, the city presented a Defined Contribution plan placing new employeess in a 401k plan.
      Download: COJ Offer 01-11-17.pdf
      ........The Task Force concluded based on this data that JSO police officers are among the highest educated and lowest paid compared to other major cities in Florida, as well as compared to four other somewhat similar consolidated city-county governments in the United States. We also concluded there are fewer JSO officers per capita, policing a jurisdiction with higher crime rates than most of these other jurisdictions, across a much larger geography than any of them. Further, JSO officer’s benefits are less generous and as discussed below, less secure than in many, if not most of these other cities we researched.....
      Download: Resources-Task-Force-Final-Committee-Report.pdf

      Upcoming Events
      Retiree Luncheon
      Dec 06, 2017
      NARC Meeting
      Dec 11, 2017
      FOP Lodge 5-30 5530 Beach Blvd
      Executive Board Meeting
      Dec 12, 2017
      FOP 5-30 Board Room
      Dec 13, 2017
      FOP Annual Christmas Party
      Dec 15, 2017
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      What's New at FOP 5-30

      The Enchanted Christmas Village is a magical and delightful experience that brings Christmas to life in Jacksonville, Florida. Bringing families together in a fun and safe environment is the Village’s first goal. Guests will be surrounded by over one million Christmas lights that will illuminate the magic of the season for all to enjoy! And don’t miss our animated Christmas Tree that performs every hour in the evenings. The beauty of the Village will be set in the most beautiful backdrop of lush acres of land, complete with lake front views and country Christmas atmosphere!

      The Village will awaken so many wonderful memories and thoughts of Christmas Past, Present and Future! This incredible Christmas experience will begin new family traditions for generations to come. Offering interactive activities, rides, pictures with Santa, a Christmas marketplace and Craft Barn, the Village will bring out the kid in everyone!

      Hours of Operation

      WED – THUR:
      5:00PM – 9:0OPM

      5:00PM – 10:00PM

      11:00AM – 10:00PM

      5:00PM – 9:00PM


      Closed Tuesday’s beginning Dec. 13th

      Thursday Hero’s Night

      Free Admission for all Police, Firefighters, and EMTs. Must present valid ID/Credentials. Valid Thursday nights only.


      17255 Normandy Blvd
      Jacksonville, FL 32234


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